Privacy Screens For Porch & Patio

Privacy Screen Curtains With One Way Visibility?

Ever thought it would be nice to keep prying eyes off you while outdoors? We offer black privacy mesh curtains that allows you to see out while obscuring visibility from those on the outside looking in. In addition to privacy, this mesh will block sun and insects as well. This is a stunningly gorgeous material that is silky and black like a race horse. If you would like to see a sample, please email us and ask to see other fabrics as well so you can see what is right for you.
  • For Privacy
  • Shade &
  • Insect Protection
patio screen

How The Mesh Creates Privacy?

The effect comes from both our unique fabric and light differential. Imagine looking out a screened window on a sunny day. The screens are barely noticeable. However, it is much different when you are on the outside trying to look in. We've all seen someone cupping their hands around their eyes to improve visibility looking into a screened window offering some window privacy.

Our Privacy mesh curtains have a much heavier look than our mosquito mesh curtains and some might say your porch might look dark like the Adam's Family, however only BLACK will enable you to see out clearly. By April, we will be offering White, but it will be VERY OPAQUE to see through and, while washable, will soil faster.

Photos below are Sun BEHIND House

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The exterior photo of privacy screen curtains from 25ft away shows that visibility looking in is significantly reduced. Of course, it isn't perfect privacy, but the only alternative is a perfectly opaque curtain with zero visibility either way.outdoor privacy screen curtains Visibility looking out of our privacy screen mesh. Because the light is stronger on the opposite side of the curtain, visibility is very good. privacy screen visibility
It is all about whether lighting is stronger inside or outside of the mesh!  

Photos below are Sun in FRONT of House

What About At Night When Light is Stronger on the Interior?

Your intuition is correct and privacy is reduced due to interior lighting, but there is an easy solution! Simply shine a flood light on the exterior side of the curtain, preferably at a sharp oblique angle and an outsider's visibility is significantly reduced to almost zero.

The only way to create a complete privacy screen is with perfectly opaque fabric curtains or blinds, but few of us want to live in a cocoon, especially while out on a porch. But that's not all! Unlike many privacy screens, our attachment methods are designed to create a seal against annoying biting insects that hunt you and your family.


Outdoor Privacy Screen Curtains

Traditional privacy screens are expensive and, in our opinion, too hard to see through. Rather than offer the same privacy screens as everyone else, we decided to offer something completely different and at an affordable price. We wanted to offer privacy screen curtains that you can see out of instead of feeling couped up in a cocoon. Since we are already in the business of insect protection, privacy screen curtains are designed for a seal to keep you safe from nasty bloodsuckers that hunt you and your family.

mosquito netting
We learned about using netting mesh for privacy when the NAVY SEALS began ordering big quantities of one of our lighter weight black meshes so that the "bad guys" couldn't see in while the "good guys" could see out, perfectly like a one-way privacy window.

The photos to the right show the effects of a "sniper hide" used for urban camouflage by our military special forces. Notice the good guys see out perfectly and the bad guys see only a dark black hole. While this lighter weight no-see-um mesh works fine for single plane openings, we developed our privacy screen curtains for multiple plane exposures.
no-see-um netting no-see-um mesh