Gazebo Screen Net Curtains

mosquito netting

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  • Affordable High Quality Custom-made Insect Protection
  • Ready-to-hang With household tools (or handyman)
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Types of Gazebo Screens?

Let's start with what we don't do. We DO NOT make the tissue paper thin cheap gazebo screens that you may have seen on aluminum gazebos at home improvement stores. They are garbage and do not last. The screens look barely passable even in the showroom, and while they tell you you can buy replacements, well, they are impossible to find (snake marketing).

We make only high quality mosquito curtains mainly for wood framed gazebos and gazebo shaped porches. Ours are made to last and will not fade. Our gazebo screens are frameless and do no require changes to your existing structure saving you cost and more headache. Because columns of gazebos are often irregularly shaped (not a perfectly straight 4 x 4 post), a frameless gazebo screen system will not detract from the style of your gazebo.

Some homeowners have replaced their cheap gazebo screens with ours but to save money, they sometimes fabricate their own solutions using our very high quality mosquito netting material. Read more.

While we prefer an outside hang for fixed Velcro® attachment, the client chose an inside hang. Elastic cord stretched vertically inside the support columns brace the curtain in windy conditions. To screen in a gazebo doesn't need to be complicated or expensive! white gazebo screens This client used our 135 degree (octagonal angle) to track around this newly screened gazebo porch.screened gazebo
We use only marine-grade materials and custom-make all panels at a reasonable very cost. Compared to other gazebo screening alternatives we are a low price and excellent value. In addition, we offer clear vinyl weather panels so you can enjoy your gazebo during the cooler months.

Gazebo Net Curtains for Wood Framed Gazebos | Our Version

We think we've engineered a smart product that doesn't cost a fortune, yet has marine-grade quality and an overhead tracking system option that enables you to slide panels side to side for easy access. We give you a sturdy magnetic doorway that has important stiffening rods and freakishly strong neodymium magnets for a secure hold in the wind and easy access. Our material is made from heavy polyester netting (5x heavier than cheap netting) that is bound on all sides with a thick webbing. Lastly, since we custom-make all out curtains, we can cut odd shapes found in some gazebo designs.

Gazebo Screens | For Turret Style Porches

Typically, clients use our overhead tracking system for screening gazebo shaped porches. While we have octagon curved track, we have a trick whereby no curved tracks are required a tall. We can easily make up to tall 12ft panels by ANY width.

Gazebo Screens | For Free-standing Gazebos

Some homeowners mistake free standing pergolas for gazebos, but there are two distinct differences. Pergolas generally have a rectangular foot print while gazebos have more than 4 sides. In addition, pergolas have an open roof while pavilions and gazebos have an enclosed roof. While we can do either, we have pages that address each type specifically. We have two attachment methods that you will learn about for gazebo screens. The first is a fixed Velcro® attachment in combination with marine snaps. The path for this method is typically around the OUTSIDE of your support columns with magnetic doorways for you to enter and exit. The purpose of this "outside hang" is to take advantage of the natural skeleton of the gazebo.

Our tracking attachment typically takes a path on the INSIDE of your gazebo since gazebo netting curtains can be drawn back for pretty swags and an elegant look. You will read about how we create a tasteful skeleton using elastic cord at the angles to stabilize gazebo net curtains under breezy conditions.